AgriTalk directly takes advantage of nature, the most powerful force on Earth, to deliver the best results. With a biology focused approach, we regulate your farm conditions efficiently and exactly the way you need for optimal growing. Our bio-stimulators consist of a wide variety of proteins that can regulate almost any farm conditions. AgriTalk places the power of biology directly in your hand.

Natural Fertility


AgriTalk manipulates the distribution of soil bacteria, who directly determine soil nutrient content, to increase fertility of soil without having to depend entirely on chemical fertilizers. Using our unique bacterial bio-stimulators, you can directly produce the most beneficial bacterial distribution naturally without having to worry about the effects of excessive chemical fertigation.




AgriTalk takes advantage of the incredible specificity and potency that biology exhibits at the molecular level. Every single organism on Earth is armed with a vast arsenal of proteins and enzymes designed to ensure survival; bacteria produce peptides to regulate microbial distribution, spiders produce toxins to immobilize insect prey, plants produce antifungal compounds to destroy spores of potential parasites. AgriTalk utilizes these naturally efficient solutions to regulate farm conditions extremely precisely rather than depending on synthetic chemical products.

The two biggest threats to agriculture above the ground are pests and diseases. AgriTalk provides solutions to both, preserving crop health naturally and efficiently.


Disease Prevention

AgriTalk’s robust AI tracks the different factors that affect spore germination, such as temperature and humidity, to accurately predict fungal disease outbreak before they occur. Our antifungal peptide bio-stimulators can then effectively eliminate dormant spores, so you can keep your fields healthy all throughout the growing season without stressing about damage control.

Pest Control

AgriTalk turns to the most successful insect-killers nature has ever produced – spiders – to naturally control pests. Equipped with natural bio-toxins as deadly as they are specific, spiders serve as the inspiration of our pest bio-stimulators. With protein products that already prevent 80% of all commonly seen pests and more on the way, AgriTalk is the answer to your infestation problems.


Protected with AgriTalk


Destroyed by pests


Anti-fungal Capability of AgriTalk