AgriTalk Platform

Machine learning is the future of agriculture – but for the most part it’s limited to machines, and models are only calibrated with raw data, letting all of the rich and useful knowledge farmers have slowly built up over the seasons go to waste. AgriTalk fixes that with IoTtalk – a uniquely designed IoT platform that not only integrates raw data into machine learning but can also receive direct input from farmers themselves. With this special patented platform, farmers can augment the already incredible technology of AI with their own time-tested experience.


Precision Farming Above and Below the Ground

In this increasingly digital age, precision farming is the way to go. Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow for more and more accurate application of soil additives, helping prevent problems such as pest infestation. The limiting factor for this incredible AI technology is sensors – the better the sensors, the stronger the AI. Luckily, AgriTalk provides some of the most cutting-edge sensors, allowing us to apply machine learning both above the ground and beneath the soil surface, delivering complete precision.


Above the Ground



Weather is one of the most crucial factors to healthy crop growth; fluctuations in weather can also dictate the occurrence of crop-related events such as fungal growth and pest reproduction. Our weather sensors detect conditions in real time and feed this data into our AI models to determine not only the amount of fertilizer and water needed for healthy plant development but also the ideal time to apply bio-pesticides and bio-fungicides to stop these problems before they have a chance to damage crop value.


Soil Conditions

Soil conditions is directly correlated to crop health. Our sensors report conditions such as soil pH, temperature, salinity and moisture as well as essential nutrient amounts in order to ensure we maintain conditions optimal for maximum plant growth.

Below the Surface – Powered with Biology


Soil Bacteria

Bacteria have the power to literally determine the contents of soil; they supply the essential nutrients nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and regulate the balance of conditions like soil pH. AgriTalk not only models the relationship between bacterial distribution and plant growth but also allows us to directly manipulate this distribution to naturally increase soil fertility, thus reducing the need for chemical fertigation and preventing soil degradation.


Plant Functional Compound

Other AI farming products provide weather and soil sensors, but AgriTalk goes beyond by bringing artificial intelligence directly inside the plant. With our unique patented bio-sensor, we can quickly sense any functional compound in any plant, allowing us to accurately model the development of these valuable compounds over time and their relationship to various soil factors.
(For example: AgriTalk can monitors curcumin content inside turmeric plant)