To grow enough food to feed the 7.7 billion + people on earth, farmers need to increase efficiency while minimizing losses in productivity due to pests and disease. The significant increase of chemigation in recent years helps solve some of these issues, but often at alarming cost to safety. Commonly used chemical additives have been linked to reduced fertility, birth defects and cancer. AgriTalk provides pest and disease control without the use of these harmful chemicals, precisely increasing efficiency and productivity while guaranteeing the safety of crops.



Our specially designed bio-stimulators harness the power of nature itself to regulate soil and farm conditions extremely precisely without damaging the environment or crop safety - healthier farms, healthier world.


AgriTalk minimizes the need for large scale chemigation with innovative prediction technology and a uniquely designed IoT platform that allows for incredibly robust machine learning, preventing pest infestation and fungal outbreak before they damage crops.


MAINTAIN Soil Efficiency


Continuously adding large amounts of chemical fertilizers provides adequate nutrition to crops but can quickly destroy soil integrity, leading to long recuperation periods and lowering efficiency. AgriTalk manipulates soil bacteria to the perfect distribution and leaves the heavy lifting to biology, maintaining constantly fertile and healthy soil that always provides the best growing environment for crops while only needing a fraction of the fallowing time of traditionally fertilized soil.



AgriTalk’s sensors combine biology with engineering to bring machine learning to the very roots of agriculture, literally. Our specially designed devices allow for absolute maximization of not only crop quantity but also crop quality. Optimal soil and farm conditions means greater crop growth while regulation of the microenvironment underneath the surface directly increases the valuable functional compounds in crops – you’re growing the best crops, and the most of them.