In these times of explosive population growth, we cannot afford to slow down agricultural production. However, our current farming practices contradict this simple truth - we’re sacrificing soil health, environmental health and our own health to temporarily and unsustainably increase yields. AgriTalk provides a win-win solution, optimizing farm health while maximizing productivity.



Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is the biggest threat to the agriculture industry and is made worse by the over fertigation and chemigation of soil. AgriTalk directly harnesses the natural power of soil bacteria, increasing soil nutrients and minimizing use of chemical soil additives to provide healthy growing environment for crops in a sustainable fashion.


Environmental Damage

In addition to eroding soil, chemicals such as pesticides and fungicides can leach into water supplies and be absorbed into our food, contaminating the environment beyond just the farmland. AgriTalk includes not only prediction functions for harmful pests and fungi but also natural bio-reagents to prevent outbreaks before they occur, drastically reducing need for chemigation.

WITH AGRITALK, Yield Increase Without Drawbacks


The current state of the agriculture industry presents a dilemma: productivity vs. sustainability. AgriTalk kills two birds with one stone, delivering maximum crop yield while maintaining optimal soil conditions to a degree that no other product can achieve. Our innovative AI system grants the power to directly increase the size and quality of crops using natural, biology-based compounds to preserve farm health, resulting in sustainable profits harvest after harvest, year after year.